Solution for opening an online casino

Four templates and 550 html games


Online casino version admin panel

Online casino admin panel demo is located at

Solution for gaming clubs

One template and 953 html games


Admin panel version for gaming clubs

Version 2 Admin Demo Panel for Gaming Clubs is located at

Acceptance of payments in online casinos

Acceptance of payments from systems is connected

You can see the available methods of replenishment and commission on their websites

At your request, we can connect any other payment systems

Casino games

Version online casino with a set of 550 html games, you can see the full list at the link

Version club casino with a set of 953 html games, you can see the full list at the link


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Open source code

Closed source code games

Open source code games

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Frequently asked Questions

What do I get after payment?

After payment you will receive an archive with a script and games, as well as instructions for installing and configuring the casino.
We can install a casino for you and help you connect payments, if you want to install a casino yourself, you can do it according to the instructions.

System requirements?

  • Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian 10
  • Apache 2.2 and later
  • php 7.2
  • mysql 5.7 and up
  • RAM at least 4GB
  • Disk at least 50GB

What is the difference between online casino versions and offline casinos?

Versions for gaming clubs do not involve self-registration of players, since the accounts for the players are created by the club managers. Also, in offline casinos, players’ balances can only be replenished by managers, there is no way to replenish the balance through online payment systems. Offline casino has no deposit bonuses, VIP points and statuses. Since the gambling halls are managed by more than one person, separation of rights is provided in offline casinos, separation of rights for a distributor, agent, dealer, manager and cashier is available, as well as the creation of separate autonomous rooms, if there are several clubs, with their own player base, balances, income, statistics .

If you are interested in details, write to us.